Trish Elledge, President/Sr. Mediator

Trish Elledge, MA, began her journey into the world of professional mediation in 1985. She has since accumulated over 900 hours of advanced mediation training from mentors across the US and UK, in addition to hundreds of continuing education and research hours in such specialized content and law-related areas as contracts, landlord-tenant, HOA, employment, probate, dependency and neglect, divorce, parental responsibility, child support, personal injury, torts, negligence, medical issues and considerations, collections, insurance/ subrogation, brain functioning and more.

With over 10,000 cases mediated (most of which have been engaged in litigation), and involving well over 30,000 emotionally charged individuals and positioned legal representatives, she has had the opportunity to apply, practice and experiment with theories and techniques that most mediators can only read about. She knows what works and when; and she knows what doesn’t and why. Her cases span everything from neighborhood trash piles to complex legal matters.

In her native Idaho, Trish was a leader and trainer in the community mediation program, The Sounding Board. She spearheaded a statewide effort to introduce and implement peer mediation programs into Idaho schools and worked as a domestic mediator with the Friends of the Court program for Idaho’s Fourth Judicial District.

After moving to the Denver area in 1991, she continued her work in mediation, striving locally and nationally to develop public awareness of the use of mediation and of the profession itself. An active member of Colorado Council of Mediators and Mediation Organizations (CCMO) (nka “theMAC”) since 1990, she has served on public relations, speakers’ bureaus, judicial committees and more. In 1993, Trish was largely responsible for establishing May as Colorado Mediation Month and chaired CCMO’s Professional Mediator Approval Committee from 2005-11.

In 1994, after a rigorous application and interview process, Trish was selected as an independent contract mediator for the Colorado Judicial Branch. She also served as Program Administrator for the 18th Judicial District’s Multi-Door Court Services program (MDCS) from 1995 -2012.

Trish is founder and director of the International Alliance of Certified Professional Mediators (IACPM), established in 2008, and owner and director of Mediation Training NOW! She holds advanced mediator practitioner status through various organizations: Certified Master Professional Mediator, IACPM; Professional Mediator, theMAC; and Practitioner/Trainer, Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR).

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