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Elledge Group Mediation  is comprised of a select group of trained and experienced professionals who provide mediation, facilitation, arbitration, divorce coaching, conflict coaching, and consultation services, to individuals, organizations, court systems, families, litigation adversaries, and workplaces throughout the US, Canada and the UK.

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DID YOU KNOW? Mediation is less costly, faster, and more empowering than litigation. Mediation provides disputing parties a safe, facilitated setting to address the issues in dispute, hear the other person’s perspective, express their own perspectives and feelings about the dispute, and shape their own resolution (which can be enforced by the court if a legal action had been filed in the matter).

Conflict is everywhere. Wherever there are people, there are differences. When expectations aren’t met or a perceived wrong is done to one person by another, heated and emotional words are exchanged and communications either break down or the situation escalates. People often remain in conflict because they don’t know how to constructively address it. Increased hostility and resentment soon replace reasonable thought and action. Replayed memories of the event and words become exaggerated, emotional recall is reinforced, and positions become entrenched. It seems easier for much of the American population to look to the court system to resolve even the smallest of disagreements, rather than to face the discomfort of trying to rationally resolve the situation between themselves. (Just watching an afternoon of network television with the many Judge “X” shows demonstrates the number of unnecessary legal actions filed between family and friends.)

DID YOU KNOW? Most litigated cases are settled on the courthouse steps the day of the trial.
DID YOU KNOW? Preparation for trial – the last phase of the case – incurs the bulk of litigation costs.


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“The courts of this country should not be the place where resolutions of disputes begin, they should be where disputes end – after alternative methods of resolving disputes have been considered and tried.”

-Sandra Day O’Conner
Former Supreme Court Justice

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